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What does a Final Draft Reader app mean to Scripts Pro?

Posted by on January 9, 2012

Given the years of anticipation, the announcement of a Final Draft reader app was a big letdown for writers expecting a writing app from
the folks that brought them the “industry standard” screenwriting software.

We sort of expected it.

As Scripts Pro’s Stephen Levinson pointed out in the Dec 2010 Variety article, like most businesses Final Draft is in the business to make money. Why would they cannibalize off of their 200 something dollar software, water it down and put it out for less? After all, the current average for paid apps is only $1.99.

Since the iPad gained popularity, Final Draft’s main objective has been to make a writing app. They even hired 3rd party folks specialized in iOS to do it. After running into a gang of problems they scrapped the idea and changed courses.

The reader app was probably a better business decision for the company. However, it will hurt John August’s FDX Reader since Final Draft’s Reader will essentially do the same thing. John seems to be ready for the impact acknowledging the FD reader app and planning not to have any more major releases of the app.

One could say by releasing a reader, Final Draft didn’t support the interests of the writers who’ve supported them throughout the years.

The company’s Facebook site has been filled with comments following the FD Reader app’s announcement. The majority of the user’s were fuming angry.

For Final Draft desktop users, Scripts is still the writing app of choice for iOS. We understand Scripts Pro’s current role as an extension of Final Draft and other desktop scriptwriting software. Although we’re not banking on it to always be that way.

Our vision for Scripts Pro exceeds being just a simple mobile writing app. More on that in a future post.

We think the Final Draft reader app with its many features for yaying/naying content, calibering audience reactions, etc ., is more geared towards actors, actresses, agents, execs and other Hollywood folks who do table reads then writer’s in the trenches doing the work.

Will they release a writing app in the future? … Quite possibly.

There is enough demand from hardcore fans (who haven’t discovered Scripts Pro) that will buy it.

We welcome the competition with open arms.

Either way, Scripts Pro will continue to evolve as a user driven, professional, cost effective screenwriting tool for writers.

Oh, and still be the #1 selling screenwriting app for iOS.


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