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Scripts Pro Screenwriting App – iPhone Beta Screenshots

Posted by on February 25, 2012

A picture speaks a thousand words so here’s a few sneak peek screenshots of the next release for Scripts Pro screenwriting app on the iPhone.

1st Screen – The Scripts File Menu

We were looking for something to be more natural and representative of a writing environment. So we designed the script file menu to look like a virtual work room for screenwriters. Anthony designed us a main menu screen with a beautiful wood background to resemble a desk with scripts lying on it. Stephen put together some great looking script icons with brads in them. The filter button will allow you to arrange scripts automatically by date or alphabetically by name. Clicking on a script file name will rename the file. The Edit button will allow you to delete or export files to Dropbox, Email and iTunes wirelessly. iCloud syncing is automatic when enabled.

Scripts File Menu


2nd screen – Editing your Script

Once you click on a script you’ll be taken to the editing screen. The plain white screen has been replaced with an easy on the eyes beautiful beige color. Scene’s are highlighted for your convenience. Our signature tab button is back with a face lift so you can use it as your use to. You can also select text and format it using Rich Text Formatting.

And now for our coolest feature, Intelligent Element selection which updates in real time. More on this below.


3rd screen – Intelligent Element Selection Tool

This is one of the biggest updates for our Scripts Pro users. Click on any part of the script and the Intelligent Element Selector will display the appropriate element. Switch to another element in the drop down and the selector will automatically format the intended portion of your script. No manual select and highlight, it just knows.

Note: Scrolling down in the Element Selection shows the Dialogue, Transition and Shot elements which are not pictured.

The “…” takes you to the 4th screen, the Keyboard Menu.

Element Selection


4th screen – Integrated Keyboard Menu

We found a really cool use of space and really haven’t seen many apps that do it like this. It’s a menu built within the keyboard area. All the buttons your used to from the current version remain the same from the current Scripts Pro version and we’ve added a few additions including the ability to export directly from the keyboard menu and even print!

Keyboard Menu

5th screen – Script Preview

For the design of the Preview screen we added some character and color to the pages. Here you can flip or even speed scroll through your long scripts just like iBooks! Even a zoom is added to get a closer look of each page.

Script Preview

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We think this will be worth the wait.



2 Responses to Scripts Pro Screenwriting App – iPhone Beta Screenshots

  1. Bigbug

    Wow…this “update” certainly is impressive. And by update, it seems like a ground floor up build. Pretty amazing.

    Just one quick question…will there be an option for a white background instead of the beige background? I really can’t wrap my head around beige…it would be kinda like reading the Financial Times newspaper. I’m just so used to reading/writing scripts on the traditional white paper (although I prefer the duller 92 paper brightness). Ok…enough of the pseudo-rant.

    Thanks and keep up the great work. I can’t wait for the “update!”

  2. acrawl

    This looks awesome.. cant wait and thanks a lot!

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