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Scripts Pro 3.2.2 is out!

Scripts Pro 3.2.2 has just been approved. The update will make Scripts Pro compatible with iOS 7 as well as fix a start-up crash which was introduced in iOS 6. Various other bug fixes were implemented. We’re planning to stream out fixes and features in a series of updates. Check it out at:

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Scripts Pro 3.2.1 is here…now more Pro than ever!

For Scripts Pro 3.2.1, we’ve channeled our efforts on making the best writing experience even better. In a nutshell, here’s some of the new stuff.   Added Script Version History We’ve added a useful feature for accessing all of your scripts from any time and day in the past. It’s like having your own personal time … Continue reading »

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Scripts Pro: Take 2 – How it all went down

It’s been 3 months since our redesign of Scripts Pro and we have to say it’s been quite a success. Nearly all of our users have been delighted with the performance, features and new look. Looking back, it was quite an undertaking. The two major tasks we needed to accomplish: 1.    Rewrite the entire … Continue reading »

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Tips and Tricks

General iPhone and iPad Troubleshooting If your having issues with unusual crashing or functions not working as they should. Try the following. A. First restart the app B. If the problem persists try restarting the device (hold the power button down for a few seconds, slide to power down, then hold the power button again … Continue reading »

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Scripts Pro Screenwriting App – iPhone Beta Screenshots

A picture speaks a thousand words so here’s a few sneak peek screenshots of the next release for Scripts Pro screenwriting app on the iPhone. 1st Screen – The Scripts File Menu We were looking for something to be more natural and representative of a writing environment. So we designed the script file menu to look … Continue reading »

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What does a Final Draft Reader app mean to Scripts Pro?

Given the years of anticipation, the announcement of a Final Draft reader app was a big letdown for writers expecting a writing app from the folks that brought them the “industry standard” screenwriting software. We sort of expected it. As Scripts Pro’s Stephen Levinson pointed out in the Dec 2010 Variety article, like most businesses … Continue reading »

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For Free or not for Free? That was the Question.

While we were building the upcoming release for the Scripts Pro update, we toyed with the idea of creating a whole new screenwriting app for users. Since essentially that’s what we built –a whole new app. The app would be released as Scripts 2 and would be in the under $10 range available on the … Continue reading »

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iPhone/iPad apps for Filmmakers: Best of 2011

We got a copy of movieScope Magazine latest issue today, UK’s premiere film making magazine and we’re honored to be in their year end round up “iPhone/iPad apps for Filmmakers: Best of 2011″ list. We’re looking forward to continue this success into 2012 making Scripts Pro bigger and better.

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Scripts Pro Features – Ask and You Shall Receive

We love our users and where other screenwriting companies can’t deliver, we do. We’ve listened to your requests and here are the list of features to expect for the next release of Scripts Pro for iPad and iPhone: Intelligent Element Selection Now you can change script content to elements like Scene Headings, Actions, Characters, and … Continue reading »

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Scripts Pro Update

You might be wondering, “It’s been forever what’s taking so long with the next update?!!” Well a couple of things. First, this is not just “an” update, this is by all means a completely new product. In short it could be described as an overhaul of the top to bottom architecture. Scripts Pro is being … Continue reading »

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