Scripts Pro 3.2.2 is out!

Scripts Pro 3.2.2 has just been approved.

The update will make Scripts Pro compatible with iOS 7 as well as fix a start-up crash which was introduced in iOS 6. Various other bug fixes were implemented.

We’re planning to stream out fixes and features in a series of updates.

Check it out at:

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Scripts Pro 3.2.1 is here…now more Pro than ever!

For Scripts Pro 3.2.1, we’ve channeled our efforts on making the best writing experience even better. In a nutshell, here’s some of the new stuff.


Added Script Version History

We’ve added a useful feature for accessing all of your scripts from any time and day in the past. It’s like having your own personal time machine for scripts.


Added a PDF export option

We got tons of requests for this one so here it is. No in-app purchasing necessary. Simply export like normal and you’ll see the option. Share with whomever you wish.


Updated for iPad Retina, iOS 6, and iPhone 5 

Apple keeps updating their stuff and so do we to be compatible. The new retina display should look amazing on your retina iPad. If you have an iPhone 5, enjoy the extra space to read and write your scripts.


New richer wood background and UI improvements
One word. Gorgeous.


Various Minor Improvements 

We’ve updated support for desktop screenwriting software formats with Scripts Pro. Added safeguards to prevent loss of work when using multiple devices and limited Wi-Fi availability. Anything else we think could have been improved, we did it.


Various Bug Fixes

We’re always squashing bugs and this release is no exception. Thanks to everyone for their feedback and bug reports.



The new update can be downloaded at: or via the App Store Updates from your device.


This article is translated to Serbo-Croatian language by Vera Djuraskovic from

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Scripts Pro: Take 2 – How it all went down

It’s been 3 months since our redesign of Scripts Pro and we have to say it’s been
quite a success. Nearly all of our users have been delighted with the performance,
features and new look.

Looking back, it was quite an undertaking. The two major tasks we needed to

1.    Rewrite the entire app

We needed to bring it up to our
strict expectations as well as the user’s. When we first inherited the code for the original app it was a bird’s nest. A lot of developer’s hands had been on it before us and it showed. The thing with developers is that they all have their own philosophy for how to write code. So having a lineup of cooks in the kitchen working on the same dish over time can lead for an interesting result. Couple this with early iOS limitations for RTF support really stunted growth for
any text-editing program. Not to mention the simple structure of the files were not
ready for any support for notes, index cards, bolds, underlines, colors and other

2.    Transfer thousands of user’s scripts from the old app to the to the new app’s

We were faced with the daunting task of not only re-writing the app from scratch,
but also to transfer thousands of user’s scripts from the old version to the new
version. This involved live conversions of each and every script from the old format
to the new format while maintaining formatting and compatibility with Final Draft 8
and Celtx formats. It was a huge milestone for us and we’re proud to say a successful
one. From the feedback you and our user base provided the current version has
been a dramatic improvement from the previous iOS 4 version.

It’s hard to believe that something, which looks like a word processor on the
outside, is actually a robust and complex machine on the inside handling everything
from xml rendering to database archiving. Good scriptwriting software is a fairly
complex system.

We basically rebuilt the foundation to handle large volumes of very large scripts.
We’ve tested nearly all the screenwriting apps available and nearly all loose some
type of formatting, treatment or pagination. Scripts Pro has been the only one which
preserved all of this information from desktop to app.

Although, we’re proud of the achievement we’re not sitting back yet. We’re hard at work on the next update that will add many new improvements to the app.

Keep writing!

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Tips and Tricks

General iPhone and iPad Troubleshooting

If your having issues with unusual crashing or functions not working as they should. Try the following.

A. First restart the app

B. If the problem persists try restarting the device (hold the power button down for a few seconds, slide to power down, then hold the power button again to start.

C. If the above does not fix the issue try reinstalling Scripts Pro by the following:

  1. Make sure you’ve backed up documents
  2. Tap and hold the Scripts Pro icon, then tap the red “x” to delete
  3. Reinstall Scripts Pro from the App Store under Purchased

Of course you can always shoot us an email support (at) and we’d be glad to help.

Recover Missing Scripts

We’ve had a few reports of users not being able to see their scripts after the update in June. You should be able to recover the backup files by plugging your device into your computer, open iTunes and select your device.

1. Go to your device’s Apps tab at the top

2. Select Scripts Pro from the Apps window and you should see your scripts in the Documents window.


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Scripts Pro Screenwriting App – iPhone Beta Screenshots

A picture speaks a thousand words so here’s a few sneak peek screenshots of the next release for Scripts Pro screenwriting app on the iPhone.

1st Screen – The Scripts File Menu

We were looking for something to be more natural and representative of a writing environment. So we designed the script file menu to look like a virtual work room for screenwriters. Anthony designed us a main menu screen with a beautiful wood background to resemble a desk with scripts lying on it. Stephen put together some great looking script icons with brads in them. The filter button will allow you to arrange scripts automatically by date or alphabetically by name. Clicking on a script file name will rename the file. The Edit button will allow you to delete or export files to Dropbox, Email and iTunes wirelessly. iCloud syncing is automatic when enabled.

Scripts File Menu


2nd screen – Editing your Script

Once you click on a script you’ll be taken to the editing screen. The plain white screen has been replaced with an easy on the eyes beautiful beige color. Scene’s are highlighted for your convenience. Our signature tab button is back with a face lift so you can use it as your use to. You can also select text and format it using Rich Text Formatting.

And now for our coolest feature, Intelligent Element selection which updates in real time. More on this below.


3rd screen – Intelligent Element Selection Tool

This is one of the biggest updates for our Scripts Pro users. Click on any part of the script and the Intelligent Element Selector will display the appropriate element. Switch to another element in the drop down and the selector will automatically format the intended portion of your script. No manual select and highlight, it just knows.

Note: Scrolling down in the Element Selection shows the Dialogue, Transition and Shot elements which are not pictured.

The “…” takes you to the 4th screen, the Keyboard Menu.

Element Selection


4th screen – Integrated Keyboard Menu

We found a really cool use of space and really haven’t seen many apps that do it like this. It’s a menu built within the keyboard area. All the buttons your used to from the current version remain the same from the current Scripts Pro version and we’ve added a few additions including the ability to export directly from the keyboard menu and even print!

Keyboard Menu

5th screen – Script Preview

For the design of the Preview screen we added some character and color to the pages. Here you can flip or even speed scroll through your long scripts just like iBooks! Even a zoom is added to get a closer look of each page.

Script Preview

Make sure to join by ‘Liking’ our Facebook fan page at for all the latest.

We think this will be worth the wait.



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What does a Final Draft Reader app mean to Scripts Pro?

Given the years of anticipation, the announcement of a Final Draft reader app was a big letdown for writers expecting a writing app from
the folks that brought them the “industry standard” screenwriting software.

We sort of expected it.

As Scripts Pro’s Stephen Levinson pointed out in the Dec 2010 Variety article, like most businesses Final Draft is in the business to make money. Why would they cannibalize off of their 200 something dollar software, water it down and put it out for less? After all, the current average for paid apps is only $1.99.

Since the iPad gained popularity, Final Draft’s main objective has been to make a writing app. They even hired 3rd party folks specialized in iOS to do it. After running into a gang of problems they scrapped the idea and changed courses.

The reader app was probably a better business decision for the company. However, it will hurt John August’s FDX Reader since Final Draft’s Reader will essentially do the same thing. John seems to be ready for the impact acknowledging the FD reader app and planning not to have any more major releases of the app.

One could say by releasing a reader, Final Draft didn’t support the interests of the writers who’ve supported them throughout the years.

The company’s Facebook site has been filled with comments following the FD Reader app’s announcement. The majority of the user’s were fuming angry.

For Final Draft desktop users, Scripts is still the writing app of choice for iOS. We understand Scripts Pro’s current role as an extension of Final Draft and other desktop scriptwriting software. Although we’re not banking on it to always be that way.

Our vision for Scripts Pro exceeds being just a simple mobile writing app. More on that in a future post.

We think the Final Draft reader app with its many features for yaying/naying content, calibering audience reactions, etc ., is more geared towards actors, actresses, agents, execs and other Hollywood folks who do table reads then writer’s in the trenches doing the work.

Will they release a writing app in the future? … Quite possibly.

There is enough demand from hardcore fans (who haven’t discovered Scripts Pro) that will buy it.

We welcome the competition with open arms.

Either way, Scripts Pro will continue to evolve as a user driven, professional, cost effective screenwriting tool for writers.

Oh, and still be the #1 selling screenwriting app for iOS.


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For Free or not for Free? That was the Question.

While we were building the upcoming release for the Scripts Pro update, we toyed with the idea of creating a whole new screenwriting app for users. Since essentially that’s what we built –a whole new app. The app would be released as Scripts 2 and would be in the under $10 range available on the app store. We thought after all we are providing a script reading and writing tool. Some only do reading!

It became apparent quickly that there were a few things fundamentally wrong with this idea of a new app:

1. Thousands of our loyal users would have to fork over additional $$ to purchase the new app which essentially does the same thing as the current app (except a whole lot better and prettier).

Extracting money from your users for the same app with some added stuff is completely against our philosophy. Other well known companies do this periodically fleecing their users every time they have a software update and not necessarily even provide a substantial update! No names mentioned ;)

The whole idea at Inkless Ideas (pun sort of intended) is that we’re in the business of making apps for the “little guy” from the student to the working screenwriter who doesn’t necessarily have the ends to pay wads of cash for a screenwriting program and then pay more wads when it gets updated. Scripts Pro is basically doing what $250 programs are doing for a couple of bucks.

2. The other reason for not releasing a Scripts 2 was that we’d essentially have to go through promoting and marketing a whole new app. Developing an app the complexity of Scripts is difficult enough. Now marketing it as a new app or even as Scripts 2 would be a larger headache.

Bottom line…releasing a new app is not worth the stress or the alienation of our loyal following. We’d rather let them update for free. Maybe the move will turn out to be a bad idea and we go bankrupt in the next few months. But, maybe just maybe we provide an awesome app with awesome value that screenwriters will continue to love and share and support.

We’ll see how it all turns out,  but until then drinks -I mean Scripts, are on us.

If you’ve got ideas for other apps which would make your life easier hit us up and we’ll make it happen.


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iPhone/iPad apps for Filmmakers: Best of 2011

We got a copy of movieScope Magazine latest issue today, UK’s premiere film making magazine and we’re honored to be in their year end round up “iPhone/iPad apps for Filmmakers: Best of 2011″ list. We’re looking forward to continue this success into 2012 making Scripts Pro bigger and better.

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Scripts Pro Features – Ask and You Shall Receive

We love our users and where other screenwriting companies can’t deliver, we do. We’ve listened to your requests and here are the list of features to expect for the next release of Scripts Pro for iPad and iPhone:

Intelligent Element Selection

Now you can change script content to elements like Scene Headings, Actions, Characters, and Dialogues directly from the toolbar with ease. Tab and enter buttons give you the functionality your used to and format elements to standard.

Rich Text Formatting

Use text formats like Bold, Italic and Underline. All of your imported scripts will retain their RTF formats from desktop software to Scripts Pro and back.

Dropbox and Itunes Transfer

We’ve expanded import and export options to include integrated Dropbox and wireless iTunes transferring. Access your files from anywhere.


Scripts is being built with iCloud. You don’t have to worry about saving your files. Now you can keep your work up to date without interrupting your writing. Your scripts with all the latest edits will automatically appear on all your iOS devices.


Wirelessly print your scripts straight from your device. You don’t need to download any software or install any drivers. With a couple of taps you can go from viewing your script on your screen to holding the printed copy. You can even choose which pages to print.

Siri Dictation

iPhone 4s users can also use Siri to dictate script content with their voice instead of typing. This will convert all of your words to text. Cool huh?

Currently, this is limited to only the actual content within an element (Dialogue, Action, etc). Once Apple releases total control of Siri to developers you’ll be able to tell Siri whether your specifically adding a Character, Dialogue, Action, etc to make writing (or talking) into Scripts Pro more seamless.

Advanced Scripts Previewing

Check out how many pages you’ve written with accurate page counts. Use page flipping to check out your work like an actual script or use the new page navigator at the bottom of every page to quickly find a specific page. Text too small? Then use the zoom feature.

Improved Intelligent Type

Concentrate on writing and don’t worry about typing the same names and phrases over and over. With our pop-ups we’ll make it easier on you. Tap and Scripts Pro will automatically fill in Characters, Scene Headings, Transitions, Locations and much more.

Improved support for .FDX files

Work seamlessly with your favorite desktop software like Final Draft 8 and Celtx.

Improved Performance and Bug Fixes

No more lag with scripts that exceed 100+ pages. Formatting issues and other bugs from the previous version are squashed.

Beautiful new interface

We designed an interface that is easy on our user’s eyes and a great creative environment to work in. We know you’ll love it.

This is a list of only the new or improved features. Of course you’ll still have the features from the previous version. Emailing scripts, Character menu, Scene Rearranging, Title Page Creation, External Bluetooth keyboard support etc.

Please note that the update will be for iOS 5 users. iOS 4 and earlier will continue with the current Scripts Pro version.

Stay tuned and feel free to use the buttons below to share with those who care!

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Scripts Pro Update

You might be wondering, “It’s been forever what’s taking so long with the next update?!!”

Well a couple of things. First, this is not just “an” update, this is by all means a completely new product. In short it could be described as an overhaul of the top to bottom architecture. Scripts Pro is being built from the ground up around iOS 5′s powerful features, we’ve added many new features (details to come soon) that we feel will define the future of mobile screenwriting (and possibly Desktop as well…hint hint).

It’s been a long several months and our team is working hard to bring you the best. We’re happy to say many of the original bugs are gone (Lag on large scripts, Wi-Fi issues, formatting issues).

The good news is we’re coming closer to finishing it. We’re mainly squashing bugs which our awesome beta testers are finding. We have quite a treat in store for our users.

Not only are we building Scripts app to be the most powerful and functional screenwriting app to meet our users goals, but also the most beautiful interface. In any creative medium one has to have a creative ignition and Scripts will be it. The boring grays and blacks are gone. We’re designing a work environment which will dazzle our users and inspire them to get writing.

We understand the anticipation for the next Scripts beta, but we want to make sure we get it right and release the most amazing product and overall screenwriting experience for users.

Oh, btw, the update is free for all of our current users :)

Stay tuned, a lot more exciting things to come…

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