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Scripts Pro, the number-one selling screenwriting app designed specifically for screenwriters to provide industry standard formatting and editing capabilities.

Intelligent Element Selection

Change script text to elements like Scene Headings, Actions, Characters, and Dialogues directly from the toolbar with ease. You can also use the Tab and Return buttons to change your script content to the various elements types. You don’t have to worry about formatting. Elements are set to industry standard formats, which include font styles, margins and spacing.

Rich Text Formatting

Use text formats like Bold, Italic and Underline. All of your imported scripts will retain their RTF formats from your desktop software to Scripts Pro and back.

Email, Dropbox & iTunes Transfer

Import and export options include Email, integrated Dropbox and wireless iTunes transferring. Access your files from anywhere.

Pop Up Suggestions

Concentrate on writing and don’t worry about typing the same names and phrases over and over. With our pop-ups we’ll make it easier on you. Tap and Scripts Pro will automatically fill in Characters, Scene Headings, Transitions, Locations and much more.

iCloud Support

Scripts Pro has iCloud baked in. You don't have to worry about saving your files. Now you can keep your work up to date without interrupting your writing. Your scripts with all the latest edits will automatically appear on all your iOS devices.

Compatible with .FDX and .CELTX files

Work seamlessly with your favorite desktop software like Final Draft 8 and Celtx. Your script notes, colored and formatted text remain intact after importing and exporting.